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Music Sheets and a Cross

Music Ministry

"All for the Glory of God"
Ad majorem Dei gloriam

The Music Ministry of St. Joseph Parish serve by leading, supporting and encouraging the participation of all members of our faith community to better embody God's word through music.

There are various Music Ministry groups to share your talent and skill.

These include: Choirs, Cantor Ministry, Instrumentalists and Accompanists. Check out each to find out more information or sign up.

Our Choirs

Gospel Group

The Funeral Choir

  • Sing at funeral Masses which can be scheduled anytime Monday- Saturday.

  • Music selected by family members of the deceased.

  • Rehearsal - One hour prior to the Funeral Mass.

  • Come when you are available. Notified through email.

  • The Funeral Choir's music and presence offers support and consolation to those who are grieving.

St. Joseph Choir

  • Sing both traditional and contemporary choral music including chant and gospel songs.

  • Accompanied by organ, piano, guitar and various instruments.

  • Rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 - 8:30 September through May.

  • Most frequently sing at the 10:00 am Sunday Mass. Occasionally sing at 4:00 and 8:00.

  • Sing at Christmas and Holy Week Liturgies.

  • All ability levels welcome. Have a commitment to build and improve singing as we strive for quality in our sung prayer.

Youth Choir

  • Sing both contemporary and traditional choral music.•

  • Accompanied by piano, guitar, hand chimes, and various instruments.

  • Rehearse two Wednesday evenings before scheduled Mass from 5:15-6:00.

  • Most often sing at 4:00 Mass usually the 3rd or 4th Saturday once a month.

  • Grades 3 - 12 are invited. All abilities.

  • Room to expand to two choirs for older and younger student

Cantor Ministry

  • Lead Masses where a choir is not singing.

  • Sing traditional and contemporary choral music individually or in groups of 2-3.

  • Sings the psalm from the ambo and other pieces during the liturgy.

  • Rehearse independently with accompanist or cantor practice scheduled 6:30 Wednesday

  • Cantors should be more advanced singers, read music, learn independently and are well prepared for the scheduled Mass.

  • Take a leadership role in the liturgy with a good sense of the Mass.


  • Pianists or organists: We are looking for musicians who have the ability to accompany a rehearsal and choir, play at Mass, or work with cantors on learning music.

  • String and Wind Instruments: Looking for trained musicians who are willing to share the gifts of music with the parish and play with a choir on a regular or occasional basis. Music is prepared on your own and rehearse with the choir.

  • Guitar/ Bass: Looking for players who would play with a choir or a small group.

  • Percussionists: Contact us if you can offer your talent either on set drum or other percussion instruments.

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